It’s Game Changing

How did Game Swap Shop UK begin?

In January 2020 the ‘Switch Swap Shop UK’ Facebook Group was created with the aim of building a community of UK-based Nintendo Switch owners, wanting to swap their games through the post using nothing but a bit of trust. All our members understood that it was all for the greater good and would strengthen the community. That way everyone gets to play more games and make new friends along the way.
After a year the group had grown to over 5,000 members, with around £600,000 worth of games being sent in the post. Using word of mouth our amazing community spread the news which really helped launch us to the next level.
The ‘Game Swap Shop UK’ Website and WebApp was created by Daryl Williams and Justin Dawson with development from IIH Global in the Spring of 2021 and launched in Summer 2021.
In June and July of 2022, the 2.0 development of took place, enabling new buying and selling features on top of many other addons making the GSSUK experience better than it’s ever been.
Our #1 aim is to provide a community where people can play as many games as they want, as safely, quickly and cheaply as possible, all while having fun and making friends.
“What the community has achieved in such a short amount of time blows my mind, it just goes to show what trust, kindness, hard work and a common goal can do”

Daryl Williams

“Amazing. Couldn’t be happier with the community.”

Justin Dawson

Helping GOSH

For every paid subscription we give £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital

Helping great ormond street hospital

For every paid subscription we give £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital.