Frequently Asked Questions

  • ‘Game Swap Shop UK’ works by allowing our members to swap their unwanted or completed games for ones they do want to play, all for the price of postage (£2.69 per game)
  • The Web App provides an automated swapping experience that makes it unbelievably easy to play your next game using nothing but your old games.
  • Select “Swap A Game”.
  • Select which console the game you are swapping is on, select the game and the condition of the game. You can then select “Open to Offers” or “Select Game” where you can choose a specific game that you’re after.
  • Select “Upload”.
  • Wait for another member to message you to offer you a swap.
  • Once happy with the deal both members exchange addresses.
  • “Both members select” Swap Agreed.
  • Once the Member has received their tracking number for the game they are sending, they must send it to the other member.
  • Once the game has been received in the post by the recipient, the member then selects “Game Received”.
  • This will automatically give the Member you swapped with 1 Trusted Trader Point, you will also be given the opinion to rate the Member you swapped with.
  1. What the basic version provides…
  • Ability to post swaps, comment and message members
  • Join the Trusted Trader Table
  1. What the paid version provides…
  • Ability to post swaps, comment and message members
  • Join the Trusted Trader Table
  • Access to Game Alerts
  • Exclusive Competitions
  • Advert Free
  • £1 Goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.
You can use this link right here
  • £50 or less contents value – “First Class Signed For”
  • £50 or more contents value – “Special Delivery”
You will become a Trusted Trader automatically after you complete your first swap with another Trusted Trader, first time swappers can only swap with Trusted Traders to begin with.

This is to build up trust and to show GSSUK and it’s members that you are a trustworthy person and know how to use the group correctly and safely.

A New Trader only needs to do 1 swap before they become a Trusted Trader and can swap with whoever they like.

  • If your package doesn’t arrive after 14 days of sending, the member you swapped with will start the refund and insurance process with Royal Mail.
  • They will get the £50 to cover the cost and they will send that money to you directly over PayPal or Bank Transfer. Or they can choose to buy the game for you with money and get it sent to your house.
  • The person who didn’t receive their game can ask for their original game back if they wish.
No, if you know how to use ‘Click and Drop’ please use that service, but make sure all postage rules are followed and the Tracking Number is sent.
If you post before 2pm on a Weekday your game should arrive the following day when posting “First Class Signed For”.
  • Select the game you are swapping, choose the game that you want then hit submit.
  • Choose to be alerted by GSSUK via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS.
  • Once a member posts the game you want for the game you have you will get an alert.
Go to our ‘Contacts’ section on our Web App for various links.