Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master is a hack and slash action game released for the Sega Mega Drive console in 1993 as the direct sequel to The Revenge of Shinobi. As a first-party Sega game, it has seen numerous re-releases in compilations such as Sega Genesis Collection, and has been ported to Virtual Console, Steam, and iOS.

By Game Swap Shop Creator, Daryl Williams

In the September of 1999 two life-changing things happened. I started Secondary School and I was allowed to have my Playstation in my room for the first time! Everyday when I came back from school, I eagley raced upstairs and booted up my PS1 when I should have probably been doing homework.

22 years later I find myself looking back on the PlayStation with many fond memories, but the one that sticks out more than any was the time I spent completing Driver. Racing games were my go-to ever since I was a kid, playing whatever I could get hold of for free on the family PC. Anybody that has played Driver knows you almost have to be a master of the game before you’ve even picked up the controller.


The Nintendo GameCube is a home console first released in Europe in May of 2002. It was the successor to the exceptionally popular N64 and Nintendo’s entry in the sixth generation of video game consoles, competing directly with the PS2, Xbox and Dreamcast, at the time. While the GameCube was characterised as a commercial failure, losing Nintendo a sizeable market share, there were some fantastic games released on the console.

Here’s Game Swap Shop UK’s top 10 must play games for Nintendo GameCube owners or those thinking about adding a GameCube to their retro Nintendo collection. While we could well have included multiple Zelda games on this list we’ve tried to diversify it a little!

Written by Game Swap Shop Member, Matthew Tudge

Pumpkin Jack was first released on October 23rd last year, just before Halloween. I remember catching the trailer to the game on the Nintendo YouTube channel and said instantly “I need to play this”. As a massive fan of platformers and growing up with the Playstation One, the vibes I got from the trailer brought back plenty of nostalgia. It reminded me of MediEvil (what a game!).

As soon as the 23rd hit, I purchased the game and got straight into it. It’s not a long game, it took me a few hours to complete but could take a lot longer for completionists. It has a great story, innovative puzzles and lots of challenging gameplay. The game doesn’t overdo the nostalgia unlike some and will sure ignite that Halloween spirit!

Here’s why you should give Pumpkin Jack a go this Halloween if you haven’t already played it…


We can’t believe we’re almost in November already! It’s crazy! Fortunately, for the long, cold, Winter nights ahead many of us have our game consoles and of course the Nintendo Switch. Each month we’re blessed with an abundance of new games. Here are 5 new games coming to the Switch in November that we’re excited about, in no particular order!


The Xbox Games for November for Gold members have now been revealed.

Featuring 3200 Gamerscore and a value of $79.96, this month’s games include a smattering of indie delights new and old.

The games may not be your cup of tea but if you have Gold then they’re certainly worth checking out!

November’s games include…


Great podcast by the guys at Nintendo Power. Must listen if you’re a Nintendo fan!

Description: With the release of the fan-favorite Sora character, the Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate roster is finally set! To celebrate, Chris is joined by Bill from Nintendo Treehouse and Michael from the social media team at Nintendo of America to share their favorite reveals, characters, stages, memories and more! The group also recommends fun and spooky games to enjoy on Halloween, they take the Warp Zone Quiz, and they pick their most anticipated upcoming Nintendo Switch™ games.